We have a full-time groomer on our staff.
  • Offered Monday through Friday every week
  • We want you to be happy, so please tell us how you want your dog groomed. Keep in mind that severely matted long-haired dogs will have to be shaved.
  • We also offer medicated baths as well as flea, tick, and mite treatments.
We also feature boarding services for dogs and cats. For cats we offer a separate room with a window view. For dogs we have two choices: stainless steel Shoreline cages or Mason kennels (either 3x5 ft. or 4x6 ft.). We are very proud of our boarding facility. Please come by and see it!
  • During regular office hours you may drop off and pick up your animals for boarding.
  • An Additional pick-up time is available Sunday evening at
    6:00 PM. For this service, please pre-pay.
  • While boarding, animals are kept in a clean, sanitary, thermoregulated environment and walked outside three times daily.
  • If you would like your pet to have his/her own food, toys, or bed, please bring these when you drop your pet off. If your pet is on any medications then please furnish these as well.
  • We do our very best to keep your pet clean, but occasionally a boarder may go home with an odor. We always recommend that you have your pet bathed before going home.
  • If an animal were to get sick while boarding, we would first make sure he/she was stable, and then contact you through the numbers that you leave for additional treatment instructions.